Unique Gift for Dad - 50th birthday ideas

I think a good idea at the 50th birthday is to create a biography of the journey of life. In Indonesia, a businessman named Chairul Tanjung has done just that.

Age half a century, for many people will be a special moment. No exception for employers who are also chairman CT Corp, Chairul. Associated with the anniversary (birthday) 50th, Chairul launch his autobiography. He hopes his autobiography will be able to inspire many people, especially among the young.

Chairul is familiarly called CT entered the age of 50 years olds on June 16, 2012. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, CT also has an important role in designing the economic vision of Indonesia because it is believed by the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Chairman of the National Economic Committee (KEN).

So far, not many people know the real life journey CT. In general, people familiar with the figure of CT in its current state after a successful entrepreneur. In fact, the success which he achieved is now an accumulation of the journey of life which he passes from childhood is filled with challenges and dynamics.

CT comes from simple family grew up in a tough environment in the slums of Jakarta. Since childhood, he honed by life difficult and challenging to be able to continue school.

When in college Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, CT has started a small business, at its own means of subsistence and the cost of education, ranging from the photo copy to sell dental equipment

Finished college he went on his business continued independently until now. CT is an independent entrepreneur from the start, so it could be an example for young people in this country. Thanks to the perseverance, hard work, discipline, and perseverance, the CT is able to transform and perform amazing leaps.

The story above is a piece of the story contained in the CT autobiography which will be launched on Saturday (06/30/2012) night in Bandung.

CT hopes his life story can inspire many people especially the younger generation. CT is also dreaming of his book would be a lot of young people are stimulated to become an entrepreneur like himself in order to make dreams of a better future.

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