How To Make Song

How To Make a Song
maybe you ask in your heart & your mind, how do I make a song that is the result of your own work, actually if you want it, will surely anyone can create a song, it's just that the result may be different between us & others. There are pleasant to hear his songs and poems easily digested and tone - a tone that is in the song, there is also a possibly even make the ears so sick to hear it.

Hearing the sentence above, maybe now that you ask again, who the wrote this? Actually I am not also a songwriter with the work of a booming. but I happened to have some songs that I created, I will share here. Well ... of that I'd share a little experience of how a song can be created.

Talent is one of the main capital, but if you do not have any talent like me? what can make a song ? could of course if you have the desire

Here's how:
if you want to make a song with a happy tone, just imagine the beautiful things that ever happened in your life.
imagine when you fall in love, and have very deep feelings to your loved ones.
imagine when you are happy with her through the day
if you are already drowning in all those feelings, make a beautiful words of her as an expression of feelings.
write anything you feel while singing and adjust the tone appropriate for your poetry

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