Mark Zuckerberg was married with Priscilla Chan

If you are a loyal Facebook user, you must know who the founder or the founder of the facebook site that now has millions of users.
yes .. he is Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg is married to a woman named Priscilla Chan tied the knot in a small wedding in Palo Alto, California, his home
Partner Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan's wife met at Harvard and has been together for more than nine years. a fairly long time

Mark Zuckerberg wearing a wedding ceremony, while his wife wore a traditional wedding gown.
As Facebook users might be a good idea to look for facebook Mark Zuckerberg and say a few words, though only congratulatory take on new life.

Marriage is something sacred, and is certainly a very serious thing in us through life.
Mark Zuckerberg was married to Priscilla Chan must also have a serious purpose, to live together until old age. colored by the day - a beautiful day they will pass eventually.

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